| Hand bathing & washing | Cutting & styling | Blow drying | Nail clipping

A common service that we offer. We have a range of shampoos and conditioners available to suit the need of every pet and we cater for allergies and skin sensitive pets. A typical bathing experience will include a full shampoo, conditioner, short massage and a thorough rinse before being blow dried.

Bathing costs start at £10 – see our price guide for a full list of breads.

We offer a full range of cutting and trimming services to suit all needs. During a typical cut we would trim to a suitable length, trim around ears including shaping, trip paws, tails and underneath the pet. Face shaping is something that is growing more and more popular and we can do this upon request.

We have a professional blow dryer which we use during all bathing services. It is important to ensure pets are fully dried before leaving the salon to avoid any matting, but also to avoid any illnesses.

Nail clipping is a arduous task that we take especial care with. We are fully trained and well equipped to deal with even the most stubborn of pets. Nails are typically £5 per pet.